Monday, October 2, 2017

Day 1 – Golfing & Energy Production in Ontario

The Grade 6s went on their golfing trip today. I was sad not to be able to be golfing with them. They all said they had a good time and wished they could golf for the rest of the day.

During our inquiry time, students worked on completing Friday’s lesson on how energy is transformed into electrical energy at generating stations. They created flow charts to represent the energy transformations and then reflected on what was the same at all generating stations. One of the challenges the class experienced today and Friday was working cooperatively as a group. Some groups were better at working together and other groups needed many reminders to stay on task. Some groups used recess time to get to a certain point in the work before they were allowed to leave.  As a result the work we had planned to complete in class on Friday and today was not done by the time planned. Our goal is to work quicker, by staying on task throughout and by working cooperatively with the whole group.  Devices with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets are needed for tomorrow’s electricity lesson.

Grade 6s attended music class today.

Students should be working on their IB Learner Profile poster and be ready to present these on their scheduled date. Nicole will be presenting on tomorrow.

Soccer tryouts begin this week and next week, from 4 – 5 pm, as follows:

Girls Soccer Tryouts – Tuesday, October 3rd & Wednesday, October 4th

Boys Soccer Tryouts – Wednesday, October 4th & Wednesday, October 11th & Friday, October 13th.

International Day takes place on Thursday, October 5th. Please come and visit us in the auditorium to see our Djibouti display.

Friday is a PD Day for teachers. There is no school for students.

Monday is Thanksgiving Day. There is no school.

Students are required to wear their winter uniform starting Tuesday, October 10th.

Homework and Reminders

·        Devices with Excel or Google sheets needed for Monday’s electricity lesson

·        Print and bring a large (A4) colour picture to represent your Djibouti research/facts

·        Find a Djibouti banana fritter recipe, purchase ingredients, and prepare the food for Thursday, October 5th.

·        Return the signed last page of the student handbook if you haven’t already done this

·        Read for 20 minutes

·        Tues., Oct. 3 – Girls’ Soccer Tryouts, 4 – 5 pm

·        Wed., Oct. 4 – Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer Tryouts, 4 – 5 pm

·        Thurs., Oct. 5 – International Day

·        Fri., Oct. 6 – P.D. – No school for students

·        Mon., Oct. 9 – Thanksgiving Day, No school

·        Tues. Oct. 10 – Winter uniforms are required to be worn

·        Wed., Oct. 11 – Boys’ Soccer Tryouts, 4 – 5 pm

·        Fri., Oct. 13 – Boys’ Soccer Tryouts, 4 – 5 pm

·        Wed., Oct. 25 – Casual Day

·        Thurs., Oct. 26 – Picture Day

·        Tues., Oct. 31 – Spirit Day: Harvest/Halloween Dress Up

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