Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 5 – Science Fair: Understanding the Task

In today’s math lesson, students worked on tiling patterns using 2 different figures.  Students worked on their practice work while I checked last week’s homework. Students were called to do corrections as we went along. Grade 6s are asked to complete the following practice work if they did not get done in class: MMS 7 p. 154– 156. Students should also correct last week’s homework if this is still applicable. Students will write the geometry unit test on Friday, October 13th.

We continued working on our City of Ember novel study. Students met in their literature circle groups and discussed the first chapter using their assigned roles. Once discussions were completed, students were assigned a new literature circle role for the second chapter. They then used class time to read Chapter 2. While they read they worked on their role response and also worked on completing their graphic organiser. Students who did not complete this in class are to complete it for homework. We will have literature circle discussions tomorrow.  It is important that each group member complete the reading and their response for the daily group discussions.

During our inquiry time, students continued working on their electricity generation project for this unit. The focus is ‘responsibility’ and the ‘impact of energy production on society and the environment’. Partners continued working through their checklist and graphic organiser to record their information. They could leave for recess if they completed four sections of their graphic organiser. Students will need their devices on Wednesday to complete their research. Once their research is done they will need to create a slideshow (Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Slides, for example).

At the end of the day we began working on our science fair project. The first step was ensuring that everyone understands the expectations of the task. We read about it, discussed it, and then students described it in their own wording in their design portfolios.

Students should be working on their IB Learner Profile poster and be ready to present these on their scheduled date. Laryssa will be presenting tomorrow.

Students are reminded to bring in $15 cash and a box to begin their electric car work by Tuesday, October 10th. This is now past due.

Grade 6s attended music and gym class today. Students have French homework. They are writing a story 10 sentences long to accompany a picture.

Soccer tryouts continue this week, from 4 – 5 pm, as follows:

Boys Soccer Tryouts - Wednesday, October 11th & Friday, October 13th.

Well done on coming in winter uniforms. Remember, you are required to wear sweaters too. We went easy on this rule today considering the lovely weather.

Homework and Reminders

·        MMS 7 p. 154 – 156, Geometry unit test will take place on Friday, October 13th

·        Novel Study: Chapter 2 & Reading Response due tomorrow

·        Print out your 2 OPG graphs and bring them to school ASAP OR email me both graphs as an attachment if you haven’t already done this.

·        Science Fair  - Past due

o   Read the letter about the science fair project

o   Pay $15 cash for your science supplies by Tuesday, October 10th

o   Bring a shoebox to store your supplies and protect your car as you build it

·        Complete your 10 French sentences

·        Wed., Oct. 11 – Boys’ Soccer Tryouts, 4 – 5 pm

·        Fri., Oct. 13 – Geometry unit test, Boys’ Soccer Tryouts, 4 – 5 pm

·        Wed., Oct. 25 – Casual Day

·        Thurs., Oct. 26 – Picture Day

·        Tues., Oct. 31 – Spirit Day: Harvest/Halloween Dress Up

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