Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Day 5 – Equations & Integers

Grade 6s learned about equations and integers in math today. Our class discussion on integers led to topics such as altitude, pressure, diving, and other conversations where the use of integers has special meaning. Students should complete MMS 6 p. 8 – 11 for homework if they did not get done in class. The unit test will take place on Monday, October 23rd.

We continued working on our City of Ember novel study. Students met in their literature circle groups and discussed the seventh chapter using their assigned roles. Once discussions were completed, students were assigned a new literature circle role for the eighth chapter. Students used class time to read Chapter 8. While they read they worked on their role response and also worked on completing their graphic organiser. Students who did not complete this in class are to complete it for homework. We will have literature circle discussions again tomorrow.  It is important that each group member complete the reading and their response for the daily group discussions.

During our inquiry time, students practiced their slideshow presentations with their partners. They emailed me a copy of their slideshow to print out for their IB portfolios. Students who would prefer a colour copy may print these at home. They should try to fit all their slides onto one or two pages before printing. Presentations take place tomorrow. Devices are needed tomorrow to connect to the T.V. for presentations.

Students continued working on their science fair projects by building their car prototypes. A couple of students were ready to test their cars today. Wheels are items that are slowing many students’ progress. A person could make money selling bottle caps in the Grade 6 class at the moment. J There was a fantastic busy vibe during building today.

Grade 6s attended French, music, and gym class today.

Homework and Reminders

·        MMS 6 p. 8 – 11. Number Patterns unit test on Monday, October 23rd.

·        Science Fair: Collect any materials you may need for your car construction

·        Devices needed for tomorrow’s electricity lesson to present slideshows

·        Novel Study: Chapter 8 & Reading Response due tomorrow

·        Thurs., Oct. 19 – Electricity Generation Slideshow presentations

·        Mon., Oct., 23 – Number Patterns unit test

·        Tues., Oct. 24 – Bake Sale

·        Wed., Oct. 25 – Casual Day, Bake Sale

·        Thurs., Oct. 26 – Picture Day

·        Tues., Oct. 31 – Spirit Day: Harvest/Halloween Dress Up

·        Mon., Nov. 20 – Curling trip

·        Dec. 1st – Curling trip


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