Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 1 – Science Fair: More Ideas

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I just saw that I never hit 'post' for yesterday's blog. Sorry about that. Here it is:
In today’s math lesson, students worked on review work for the geometry unit.  Students worked on their practice work while I checked homework from the past few days. Students were called for conferencing and instructed how to do corrections as we went along. Students who had completed and corrected all the work for this unit got to out for recess. The geometry unit test will be written tomorrow.

We continued working on our City of Ember novel study. Students met in their literature circle groups and discussed the third chapter using their assigned roles. Once discussions were completed, students were assigned a new literature circle role for the third chapter. They then used class time to read Chapter 4. While they read they worked on their role response and also worked on completing their graphic organiser. Students who did not complete this in class are to complete it for homework. We will have literature circle discussions tomorrow.  It is important that each group member complete the reading and their response for the daily group discussions.

During our inquiry time, students continued working on their electricity generation project for this unit. The focus is ‘responsibility’ and the ‘impact of energy production on society and the environment’. Partners continued working through their checklist and used the information they recorded in their graphic organiser to create a slideshow. They will need their devices tomorrow to continue this work.

At the end of the day we continued working on our science fair project. We viewed more videos to help students understand how this challenge can be achieved. Everyone was asked to generate at least three thumbnail sketches by the end of the day. Students are asked to discuss their ideas with their families tonight.  

Students are reminded to bring in a box to begin their electric car work.

Grade 6s attended French, music, and gym class today.

Look out for information about Picture Day coming home today.

Soccer tryouts continue this week, from 4 – 5 pm, as follows:

Boys Soccer Tryouts:Friday, October 13th.


Homework and Reminders

·        Math

o   Do all corrections for this unit

o   Study for the unit test

o   Geometry unit test will take place tomorrow

·        Devices needed for tomorrow’s electricity lesson

·        Novel Study: Chapter 4 & Reading Response due tomorrow

·        Print out your 2 OPG graphs and bring them to school ASAP OR email me both graphs as an attachment if you haven’t already done this.

·        Science Fair  - Past due

o   Read the letter about the science fair project

o   Bring a shoebox to store your supplies and protect your car as you build it

·        Fri., Oct. 13 – Geometry unit test, Boys’ Soccer Tryouts, 4 – 5 pm

·        Tues., Oct. 24 – Bake Sale

·        Wed., Oct. 25 – Casual Day, Bake Sale

·        Thurs., Oct. 26 – Picture Day

·        Tues., Oct. 31 – Spirit Day: Harvest/Halloween Dress Up

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