Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Day 5 – BEDMAS and Electric Circuits

Mme. Carol was away today. We used this much needed time for math. We learned about order of operations and why we need this. We did a problem where we came up with 4 different answers depending on the order we completed the operations. We used the acronym BEDMAS to help us solve problems by performing the operations in the correct order. Ask your child to explain this to you. The class had good amount of time to work on the practice problems before we went on to addition and subtraction of whole numbers. Students were reminded to carefully work in the correct place-value column and to regroup when necessary. We used two strategies to check our work. When adding, students estimated by rounding to the hundreds place. When subtracting, students used the inverse operation. Grade 6s are asked to complete the remaining work on p. 24 - 27 of their MMS Practice and Homework books for homework. Parents, please quiz your children to see if they can explain the following math terms:  operation, addend, sum, minuend, subtrahend, difference, and inverse operation.

In language time the class was quizzed on the 5 parts of a good paragraph. It took us a while to generate the 5 parts, but we eventually got there. Students who had this memorised earned themselves house points. See if they can tell you the 5 parts at home.

During our inquiry time, students conducted an investigation to determine which materials allow electricity to pass through them. First they had to learn how to set up a simple circuit, how energy transforms through the circuit, and safety precautions that must be followed when working with circuits. It was then time to make predictions, carry out the procedure, and record observations. Ask your child what they saw in class today.

Grade 6s attended gym and music class today.

Students should be working on their IB Learner Profile poster and be ready to present these on their scheduled date. Nikhil will be presenting tomorrow.

Homework and Reminders

·        Math p. 24 – 27, Math test is likely to take place on Sept. 21

·        IB Learner Profile Posters

·        Return the signed last page of the student handbook if you haven’t already done this

·        Read for 20 minutes

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