Friday, September 8, 2017

Day 3 – Art and Electricity

Mme. Carol was away today. We used French time to finish up yesterday’s lesson on forms of energy. Students visited stations to read and discover more about gravitational, light, chemical, and more energy forms. Students were encouraged to draw pictures of the energy forms to help them to learn and understand further. They then worked in groups to create Jeopardy cards for an energy forms game. They composed a question and answer on each side of the cards that related to the energy forms they had learned about today and yesterday. We used the cards later in the day to play a Jeopardy house game. Students earned house points by responding correctly.

We continued working on our whole numbers math unit by first taking up yesterday’s homework. We covered ordering and comparing whole numbers and multiples in class today. Students used their understanding of place-value to order large numbers. We listed the multiples of given numbers to find the common multiples in each list. Students did some of the practice work in class. They are asked to complete the remaining work for homework on p. 16 - 19 of their MMS Practice and Homework books. Students should also correct yesterday’s homework.

At the end of our inquiry time, students learned that they will be working on an arts & science task. They will create a pinwheel that transforms wind energy into kinetic energy. The pinwheel will be decorated using the elements of design. Today we explored the first element of design – line. Students listed the many ways we can use line – vertical, horizontal, diagonal, curved, bent, thin, thick, and broken. They practiced using about half of these today.

Students should be working on their IB Learner Profile poster and be ready to present these on their scheduled date. Mehar will be presenting on Monday.

Grade 6s attended gym and music class today.

We had a spirit day game at the end of the day.

Grade 6s will need their devices on Monday. They will be using their devices to research famous people associated with electricity.

Homework and Reminders

·        Math p. 16 – 19

·        Devices are needed on Monday

·        IB Learner Profile Posters

·        Return the signed last page of the student handbook if you haven’t already done this

·        Read for 20 minutes

·        Saturday, September 16th is SJA’s Annual Back to School Kick-Off Event. Please look out for information coming home today in agendas.

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