Friday, September 15, 2017

Day 2 –LCM, GCF, and Electric Circuits

During math today, we reviewed multiples, common multiples, and lowest common multiples, factors, common factors, and greatest common factors. Students who did not complete this work in class are asked to p. 6 – 10 of the MMS 7 Practice and Homework Book.

Next we work on DRAs. There were a number of students who still had the oral components of the DRAs to complete. Once these were done, the class worked on the written component of the DRA that tests their comprehension of the text. This part takes a long time to complete and a number of students used their first recess and gym time to finish up their work. I am happy to say we have completed our Term 1 DRAs. There were many tired and sore hands to prove this true. Well done, Grade 6s!

During our inquiry time, we reviewed our energy transformation lesson from yesterday. The class had many, many questions about energy, including how we store chemical energy in our bodies to be used when needed. We did not have enough time to complete the worksheet as a result. Students are asked to complete this at home. We began our new lesson, which was about building circuits with different components. The class had a lot of fun with this activity. I hope to post some pictures soon.

Grade 6s attended gym and music class today.

Students should be working on their IB Learner Profile poster and be ready to present these on their scheduled date. Hersh will be presenting on Monday.

Homework and Reminders

·        MMS 7 p. 5 - 10. Math test is likely to take place on Sept. 21

·        IB Learner Profile Posters

·        Return the signed last page of the student handbook if you haven’t already done this

·        Read for 20 minutes

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