Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Day 6 – Data Management and the Global Village

We began the Data Management unit in math class today. Students examined various graphs and made inferences. We discussed what constitutes a Grade 6- level inference. This was harder than the class anticipated. Ask your child to demonstrate what is expected when they make inferences. We also reviewed how to find the mean and mode of a data set and then learned about medians. Students are asked to complete p. 89 – 91 of the MMS 6 practice and homework books if they did not get done in class.

Many students are still working on their story entry for the Polar Expressions writing contest. Also in language, we discussed the criteria for writing a good fable. We read a couple of Aesop’s fables to better our understanding of what fables sound like.

We watched the videos that most groups have produced for their UOI project. We still are waiting for a couple of groups to solve some technical issues they are experiencing. Students that showed their videos today completed a self-assessment of their videos.

The class will be writing a test on concepts covered so far in the Canada in the World unit. The test will take place on Monday, November 20th. Students are reminded that studying/preparing for a test includes all of the following 5 steps. 1. Read the material at least 3 times. 2. Make notes without looking then check to see what was missed. 3. Draw pictures or mind maps as you study. 4. Explain the work to someone else 5. Have someone quiz you on the work in your Duo-tang.

Still in inquiry time we finished up our discussion of the ‘Global Village’. Students learned that they will begin working on their next UOI project tomorrow. They will be producing an informational brochure about a developing country with a low HDI. Today students examined data showing countries’ HDI rankings and chose a country for their project. We will finalise the list of countries tomorrow. This project will be done independently. Students will need their devices. For their brochure they will need programs to create a trifold brochure, e.g. Microsoft Publisher.

For our Canada in the World Art Project, students began work on their landscape. Today they sketched the outline of the Canadian landform region they have chosen to paint.

We discussed the Christmas Concert and students voted on what they would like our class to do for their performance.

Homework and Reminders

·        MMS 6 p. 89 - 91

·        Language: What is the difference between a fairy tale and a legend?

·        Science Fair: Collect any materials you may need for your car construction

·        UOI: Study for the unit test

·        Wed., Nov. 15 – Canadian picture and art T-shirt due

·        Fri., Nov. 17 – Picture Retakes

·        Mon., Nov. 20 – Curling trip, UOI test

·        Dec. 1st – Curling trip

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