Friday, November 3, 2017

Day 5 – Choosing the Poem and a Province/Territory

Grade 6s continued learning about decimals in math class. Today students worked on a review package covering concepts we have learned so far in class. Students were required to complete half the review package before they could go out for recess. Students who did not get done in class are asked to complete Questions 1 – 10 for homework. The unit test for decimals will be written on Monday, November 13th.  

We continued working on our City of Ember novel study. Students met in their literature circle groups and discussed the nineteenth chapter using their assigned roles. Once discussions were completed, students were assigned a new literature circle role for the twentieth chapter. Students had some class time to work on their reading and response for Monday’s discussion. This must be completed for homework if it was not completed in class.

During today’s inquiry time students began working on one of their summative projects for this unit. They will be creating a video commercial attracting people to one of Canada’s provinces or territories using the Physical, Economic, Political, and Social (PEPS) features of the province or territory to attract newcomers. They saw samples of previous students’ work to give them a better idea of what the final product might look like. Students should bring devices from now on as they will be using the internet to research their province or territory. Later they will need video software such as iMovie or Movie Maker to create their video. The video will be uploaded to YouTube once it is complete. The groups have been formed as follows:

Laryssa and Alexis
Newfoundland and Labrador
Wael and Krish
Maram and Nicole
Nova Scotia
Kian and Rishaan
Hersh and Alex
Mehar and Jarniko
New Brunswick
Emilia and Jonathan
Lucas and Zane
Adiyah and Celeste
Taran and Nikhil
British Columbia


In language, we worked on the entry form for the Polar Expressions Poetry and Writing Competition. Students selected a poem from the selection of poems they have written in class. They rewrote this poem to submit to the poetry competition.

Some students chose to work on their cars during second lunch today.

Grade 6s attended French, music, and gym class today.

Remember to memorise the Guy Fawkes Day poem by Monday, November 6th.

Homework and Reminders

·        Math

o   Review: Complete questions 1 - 10

o   Decimals unit test on Monday, November 13

·        Language: What is the difference between a fairy tale and a legend?

·        Science Fair: Collect any materials you may need for your car construction

·        Novel Study: Chapter 20 & Reading Response due on Monday

·        UOI: Devices needed, iMovie/Movie Maker & YouTube channel needed later next week

·        Mon., Nov. 6 – Guy Fawkes Day Poetry Recitations

·        Fri., Nov. 10 – PD Day – No school for students

·        Mon, Nov. 13

o   Kindness Day

o   Decimal Unit test

·        Fri., Nov. 17 – Picture Retakes

·        Mon., Nov. 20 – Curling trip

·        Dec. 1st – Curling trip

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