Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Day 2 – Polar Expressions Writing Contest

Grade 6s continued learning about decimals in math class. Today students practiced dividing decimals where both the divisor and dividend were decimals. We used the same strategy as we did when multiplying decimals, i.e. ignore the decimals when dividing, and then use estimation to correctly place the decimal in the quotient. Students are encouraged to use long division as the problems we are working on are complex. No one finished the practice work in class, meaning everyone has math homework today. Students are asked to complete and correct p. 90 - 91 for homework.  Some students still need to complete, correct, and submit their review packages. This work is now past due. The unit test for decimals will be written on Monday, November 13th.  

Students have finished up their book reports on the City of Ember. Class time was used to complete summaries, write about connections between the book and our UOIs, interpret the characters in terms of the IB Learner Profile, and reflect on the book.

We have begun working on the Polar Expressions writing contest as a class. We discussed the basic elements of a story and the requirements of the competition, e.g. 450 words or less, only peer editing allowed, etc. Students began planning their story using their choice of organiser. Some even began writing their stories.

During today’s inquiry time students continued working on one of their summative projects for this unit. They will be creating a video commercial of one of Canada’s provinces or territories using the Physical, Economic, Political, and Social (PEPS) features of the province or territory to attract newcomers. Today’s goal was to complete all sections of the storyboard templates. The templates are used to plan the images and narrations in the videos. Students who did not complete their storyboards did not get to go out for second recess. At the end of the day, we began working on the video portion. Students watched a tutorial on how to create a video before they were released to begin their own work. Devices are needed until this project is complete. The video will be uploaded to YouTube once it is complete. One partner in each group needs a YouTube account.

Some students chose to work on their cars during second lunch today.

Grade 6s attended the war memorabilia exhibit today.

Please return curling permission forms by Monday.

Dear SJA Families,


Kindness Day is celebrated nationwide annually, on the 13th of November.  It is a day to celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms. World Kindness Day falls on the same day and unites people in kindness globally.

On November 13th, St. Jude's Academy is celebrating World Kindness Day by encouraging all students to share kind words to each other and unite as a whole school with their neighbours at Oakwood.  By bringing in $2, students can participate in a special World Kindness Day event by writing a kind message or quote on a leaf and then post it on our World Kindness Tree for all to see.   In addition to sharing their kind words, they will be supporting their neighbours at Oakwood and also be allowed to dress casually. 

As part of a united world school, IB learners strive to be kind every day. This year, we are looking forward to emphasizing and celebrating acts of kindness on Monday, November 13th and we hope everyone is able to participate in our World Kindness Day events!

Homework and Reminders

·        Math

o   MMS 7 p. 90 - 91

o   Review: Complete and correct all review questions

o   Decimals unit test on Monday, November 13

·        Language: What is the difference between a fairy tale and a legend?

·        Science Fair: Collect any materials you may need for your car construction

·        UOI: Devices needed, iMovie/Movie Maker needed until the project is complete.  YouTube channel needed later

·        Fri., Nov. 10 – PD Day – No school for students

·        Mon, Nov. 13

o   Kindness Day – Bring in $2 donation. Wear casual clothes

o   Decimal Unit test

o   Curling forms due

·        Tues., Nov. 14 – Picture orders due

·        Fri., Nov. 17 – Picture Retakes

·        Mon., Nov. 20 – Curling trip

·        Dec. 1st – Curling trip

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