Monday, February 26, 2018

Day 5 – Glider Testing

Despite the rainy weather last Friday, the Grade 6s made the most of the opportunity to be out of the classroom and working on their skiing and snowboarding skills as well as enjoying time with friends. We were all pretty tired and soggy by the end of the day, but it was a fun time.


In math, students reviewed percents and decimals. Most students remember how to do this work. Students who did not complete this work in class are asked to complete pages 160 – 164 of the MMS 7 practice book for homework. Everyone is asked to complete and correct pages 70, 74 – 86 too as all these are now marked. Students will be writing a unit test on fractions and percents on Tuesday, March 6th.

During our Flight inquiry time, students wrote a test to demonstrate their understanding of how Bernoulli’s principle is used to produce flight.

Later on we worked on flight again. This time students used instructions to build a glider. They then tested the flyer to determine what propels the glider, what makes it move forward, slow down, and turn. They identified their independent variables (flaps straight, flaps up, flaps down, one flap up and other down, etc.). Students noted the effect the independent variables had on flight (dependent variable). They recorded their observations in their report.

Students attended gym, French, and music class today.

There is a bake sale taking place tomorrow.

We will be painting our hot air balloons on Wednesday. Art smocks (or old t-shirts are needed).

Homework and Reminders

·        Math 7 – Complete pages 160 – 164, & correct pages 74 - 86

·        Tuesday, February 27th – Bake Sale

·        Wednesday, February 28th – Casual Day, Bake Sale

·        March 5 – March 9: Spirit Week

o   Monday - PJ Day

o   Tuesday - Superhero/Princess Day

o   Wednesday - Whacky Wednesday

o   Thursday - Sports Day

o   Friday - St. Patrick’s Day

·        Wednesday, March 7 – U20 Soccer Trip

·        Friday, March 9th – Skiing trip

·        March 12 – March 25: March Break

·        March 26 – Back to School

·        March 27 – Sibling & Grad pictures

·        March 28 – Casual Day

·        March 29 – Term 2 Report Cards, Autism Awareness Day, Silent Dance

·        March 30 – Good Friday – No school

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