Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Day 4 – Air in Motion

Our day began with math where students reviewed concepts related to ratios and rate to prepare for tomorrow’s unit test. Students also worked to ensure all practice work for this unit is complete and correct. Students received individual conference time to hear what they need to focus on to improve their solving of problems and communicating how they solve ratio and rate problems. Students who did not get done in class are asked to complete pages 22 – 42 in the MMS 7 book for homework. Students will be writing the test tomorrow. Please review the Fractions, Percents, Ratios, and Rates test that went home yesterday, sign the test, and return the test to school tomorrow.

In our inquiry unit we conducted more experiments that helped us to understand the properties of air when the air is moving Ask your child to tell you about today’s investigations and what they learned. Students who completed all their math review began working on their ‘Properties of Air’ mind map that shows all the properties of air we have learned about. This mind map will be assigned as homework over the long weekend and is due on Tuesday, February 20th. Students should use the mind map as a study tool to prepare for ‘The Properties of Air’ test which will take place on Wednesday, February 21st.

The speech contest where SJA students go up against their counterparts at The Maples Academy takes place tomorrow. The contest begins at 10:30 am. All are welcome to attend.

We ended our day with a Spirit Day Assembly where students in houses had to guess the number of hearts in a jar. Congratulations to Kappa for placing first, Theta for their second place, and Zeta for third place.

Please note that there is no school for students this Friday as it is a Professional Development Day for teachers. There is no school on Monday, as it is Family Day.

On Tuesday after the long weekend, we will begin working on our art project for our flight unit. Students will need to bring in a t-shirt that they don’t mind getting very messy with paper mache. Students are also asked to bring in newspapers.

Students are asked to come to school wearing their gym uniforms on Tuesday for the Jump Rope for Heart event. Keep collecting pledges and donations.

Students attended French and gym class today.

Homework and Reminders

·        Bring in newspapers and a t-shirt

·        Math

o   MMS 7 Complete and correct pages 22 – 42 if you did not get done in class

o   Test tomorrow

·        Thursday, February 15th

o   SJA v TMA Oral Competition at 10:30 am

o   Math test

·        Friday, February 16th – PD Day, no school for students

·        Monday, February 19th – Family Day – no school

·        Tuesday, February 20th

o   ‘Properties of Air’ Mind Map is due

o   Jump Rope for Heart school event – come to school wearing your gym uniform

o   Bring a t-shirt to wear while you work on your art project

o   Bring in newspapers for art

·        Wednesday, February 21st – Properties of air test

·        Thursday, February 22nd – Anti-Bullying Day

·        Friday, February 23rd – Skiing Trip

·        Wednesday, February 28th – Casual Day

·        March 5 – March 9: Spirit Week

·        Friday, March 9th – Skiing trip

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