Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Day 6 – POWTOON Presentations

Our day started with a Christmas concert rehearsal where we all got to sit in and watch other classes’ performances. The Christmas concert takes place tomorrow. Students should come to school in their costume. Students should arrive at 6:30 pm for the evening performance and report to the Grade 6 class. After the performance, students should be picked up from the Grade 6 classroom. Our costume for the concert is: a Santa hat, long pants, boots, 4 small bells to attach to boots, colourful beach toys/towels, colourful summer t-shirt/short-sleeved shirt. We look forward to seeing families on this day. All are welcome.

We then viewed the POWTOONs that were completed on time. Students who were done their POWTOON work handed in their research. I will be marking these over the next few days. Students are asked to please keep their work posted on line and not remove the work for at least a week to allow me to view the work again. Students who are behind in this work are asked to send their POWTOON links by tomorrow morning.

During novel study time where we discussed Chapters 21, 22, & 23 as a class. Students have been assigned to complete Chapters 24, 25, & Epilogue and response pages 60 - 68. This work is due tomorrow.

We then had math class. We learned about the relationship between capacity and volume. Ask your child to explain the difference between these two related concpets. Students often have a hard time explaining this. We discussed the units (cm3, m3, mL, and L) and the relationship between the units. Students practiced converting these units. We conducted an activity where we measured the lung capacity of some students. Students are asked to complete the practice work on p. 92 & 93 of the MMS 6 workbooks

Remember to come to school wearing Christmas concert outfits. Bring all your workbooks and homework as we will be completing many tasks in class tomorrow.

Homework and Reminders

·        Tuesday, December 19th 

o   MMS 6 p. 92 - 93

o   Novel Study: Read Chapter 24, 25, & Epilogue of Tuck Everlasting and complete responses pages 60 – 68 for these chapters

o   Links to POWTOON projects are past due

o   Start putting your Christmas concert outfit together

·        Wednesday, December 20th – Grade 3 – Grade 8 Christmas Concert at 2 pm and 7 pm, Bake sale , come dressed in your Christmas concert costume

·        Thursday, December 21st – Spirit Day: Christmas Dress Up Day (Green, Red, White)

·        Friday, December 22nd – No School!

·        Wednesday, January 10th – Back to School


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