Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Day 2 – Year Ahead Day

Grade 5s started their Year Ahead Day discussing expectations in Grade 6, the skills they will need to be successful, and what they need to work on for improvement to be better prepared for Grade 6.

Next they had a math challenge. They were asked to build a decagonal prism using the materials supplied (modeling clay and toothpicks). They needed a couple of hints before most were able to complete this task. They described their 3-D structure by recording the number of the faces, edges, and vertices.


Next up, students built a simple circuit. Their challenge was to include a switch and have the light bulb light up. Once this was done they added a second bulb and noted how this affected the brightness of the bulbs. They did this again, but with two loops, and again noted the brightness of the bulbs.

Finally we had a language art lesson. Students drew monsters, wrote a detailed paragraph describing the monsters, and then had someone else attempt to draw an exact replica of their monster following only the details in their paragraph. Twin monsters were displayed in a gallery for students to appreciate. They noted monsters that were better matches, and read the paragraph to discover the amount of detail that was used in the writing. Students then reflected on how they could have improved their paragraph to allow for a better monster match.


It was then time for students to head back to their Grade 5 teachers for dismissal time. See you in Grade 6!

Student-Led Conferences take place this Thursday, December 7th.

Bring 25 cents to support the Candy-o-Gram sale at SJA and Oakwood tomorrow.

Our Very First Book Fair is Coming Soon – Yee-Haw!

“Saddle Up & Read” with the first Scholastic Book Fair at St. Jude’s Academy – December 7 to December 14

There will be lots of exciting books, posters, bookmarks, pens and pencils, etc. to choose from!

Proceeds will go to buying great new books for our library.

Students interested in being part of the Student Crew will be meeting tomorrow (Nov.21) at lunch.

More Parent Volunteers are also needed.  If you’d like to help out please contact Ms. Hayward at hhayward@stjudesacademy.com

Keep an eye out for more information here on your teacher’s blog, on Facebook, and on the Library blog: https://libraryatsja.blogspot.ca/


Homework and Reminders

·        Tuesday, December 5th

o   Year Ahead Day. The Grade 6s spend a day in Grade 7

o   Complete and correct all Data Management work until p. 120

o   The Data Management unit test will be written on Thursday, December 7th

·        Thursday, December 7th

o    PYP Student-Led Conferences.

o   Data Management unit test

·        Tuesday, December 12thJK – Grade 2 Christmas Concert, Bake Sale

·        Monday, December 18th Grade 6s on trip to Crawford Lake

·        Tuesday, December 19th Casual Day

·        Wednesday, December 20th – Grade 3 – Grade 8 Christmas Concert, Bake sale

·        Thursday, December 21st – Spirit Day: Christmas Dress Up Day (Green, Red, White)

·        Friday, December 22nd – No School!

·        Wednesday, January 10th – Back to School

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