Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Day 3 – Beringia Land Bridge Theory

Today we had a guest teacher in our class. Ms. Samuel worked with the Grade 6s in all subject areas. The first area was math where students worked to complete and correct all math work for the Data Management Unit. Ms. Samuel and I met with students to check their work and give feedback on ways to improve their responses. Students who did not get done in class need to finish up to page 120 of the MMS 7 workbook for homework. The unit test will be written tomorrow.

Students who finished up their math review began reading our new novel study Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt. They had time read the Prologue all the way to Chapter 4 and begin work on the responses. Those who did not complete this in class need to complete it for homework.

Student-Led Conferences take place tomorrow. Grade 6s spent some time preparing for this event.

On Monday, students pondered “Who was first to discover North America?” They then heard the perspective of those who believe that the first peoples were created and placed on this land. Today, students heard a scientific explanation that may explain how first peoples came to North America. Ask your child to explain the Beringia Land Theory to you.

We ended the day preparing for our Christmas concert performance.

Grade 6s attended French and gym class today.

Our Very First Book Fair is Coming Soon – Yee-Haw!

“Saddle Up & Read” with the first Scholastic Book Fair at St. Jude’s Academy – December 7 to December 14

There will be lots of exciting books, posters, bookmarks, pens and pencils, etc. to choose from!

Proceeds will go to buying great new books for our library.

Students interested in being part of the Student Crew will be meeting tomorrow (Nov.21) at lunch.

More Parent Volunteers are also needed.  If you’d like to help out please contact Ms. Hayward at

Keep an eye out for more information here on your teacher’s blog, on Facebook, and on the Library blog:

Dress up like a cowboy or cowgirl on Friday. Bring a toonie.

Student Council Fundraiser

Personalized Ornaments for the holidays!

Price $6 for one, if more than one purchased the price becomes $5 each! 

Cash only payments please. 

Homework and Reminders

·        Wednesday, December 6th

o   Complete and correct all Data Management work until p. 120

o   The Data Management unit test will be written tomorrow

o   Novel Study: Read Prologue to Chapter 4 of Tuck Everlasting and complete the responses for tomorrrow

·        Thursday, December 7th

o   PYP Student-Led Conferences.

o   Data Management unit test

·        Tuesday, December 12thJK – Grade 2 Christmas Concert, Bake Sale

·        Monday, December 18th Grade 6s on trip to Crawford Lake

·        Tuesday, December 19th Casual Day

·        Wednesday, December 20th – Grade 3 – Grade 8 Christmas Concert, Bake sale

·        Thursday, December 21st – Spirit Day: Christmas Dress Up Day (Green, Red, White)

·        Friday, December 22nd – No School!

·        Wednesday, January 10th – Back to School


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