Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Day 3 - Speeches

It was great seeing everyone after the winter break. We spent a little bit of time catching up before getting straight back to work.

First up was math. We learned how variables are used in formulae to represent dimensions of figures and solids. Students learned alternate formulae for the areas of rectangles (A = bh) and squares (A = s2) and the perimeter of rectangles (P = 2(b + h)) and squares (P = 4s). Students also reviewed polygons and isometric drawings. Students who did not complete the practice work in class need to complete pages 44 – 45 and 55 – 57 of the MMS 7 workbooks for tomorrow. The unit test will be written on Thursday, January 18th.

We then began working on persuasive speeches. Please look out for speech Duo-tangs coming home today and take some time to look through the letter and schedule in the front of the Duo-tang. The letter needs to be signed today and the Duo-tangs need to come to school each day. Please take time to review and discuss your child’s speech topic brainstorm and share your opinion on their final choice of speech topics. Speech topics must be chosen today. Students read a sample of persuasive writing and watched a couple of speech videos. As a class we discussed what made the speeches effective. We also reviewed the rubric for the written and oral components of the speech.

We continued working on persuasive writing as part of this term’s OWA. Students read more samples of persuasive writing, discussed the strengths of the samples, and shared their ideas with the class. We began creating a class chart of what it takes to create a phenomenal piece of persuasive writing.

In our inquiry unit on explorers, we reviewed different theories on how the First Peoples came to the American continent.

Look out for permission forms for our winter skiing/snowboarding trips coming home today. These must be fully completed and returned by Monday, January 15th.

Homework and Reminders

·        Math:

o   Complete p. 44 – 45 and 55 – 57 of MMS 7 if you did not get done in class

o   Math unit test will be written on Thursday, January 18th

·        Speeches

o   Parents need to read and sign the speech letter

o   Parents need to read the speech schedule

o   Parents are to review the speech package and rubrics

o   Parents are to approve their child’s speech topic by tonight

o   Devices are needed to research speech topics starting tomorrow

·        Ski/Snowboard trips – complete and return forms by Monday, January 15th

·        Monday, January 15th – Ski/Snowboard forms are due

·        Thursday, January 18th – Math unit test on Geometry and Measurement

·        Wednesday, January 24th – Ski Trip

·        Wednesday, January 31st – Casual Day

·        Monday, February 5th – In-Class Oral Competition to select three finalists

·        Friday, February 9th – Oral Competition

·        Monday, February 12th – Trip to Canadian Warplane Museum

·        Tuesday, February 13th – Pancake Tuesday

·        Wednesday, February 14th – Spirit Day: Valentine’s Dress up

·        Thursday, February 15th – SJA v TMA Oral Competition

·        Friday, February 16th – PD Day, no school for students

·        Monday, February 19th – Family Day – no school

·        Thursday, February 22nd – Anti-Bullying Day

·        Friday, February 23rd – Skiing Trip

·        Wednesday, February 28th – Casual Day

·        March 5 – March 9: Spirit Week
Friday, March 9th – Skiing trip

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