Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Day 6 – Introduction and Conclusion

We began our day with our fractions unit. Today we subtracted fractions in two ways. We did this by modeling the problem in pictures or by converting to an equivalent fraction with the same denominator and then subtracted the numerators. Students who did not complete the practice work in class are asked to complete p. 118 – 121 of the MMS 6 practice book for homework. Look out for math tests coming home today. Take time to review the test with your child, sign it, and return it to school.

During today’s explorers time, students learned about their final project for this unit. The will be creating a RSA Animate about a time in Canada’s history when change was the result of the interaction between Canada’s aboriginal people and early European explorers. Students found a partner to work with that has an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Partners then chose their topics. Everyone got straight to work with their research and with recording notes in their organisers.

Next we continued working on speeches. Today’s goal was to write the introduction and conclusion paragraph. We discussed the formatting of these paragraphs and strategies to make them for impactful. Students were then expected to write the first draft of the introduction and conclusion. Next they needed feedback from a peer and a teacher. Finally they need feedback from a parent tonight. All feedback must be recorded in ink directly on the first draft. For homework, everyone is to use the feedback to revise their work and rewrite the paragraphs. The revised introduction and conclusion paragraphs must be brought to school on Thursday. Today I prioritised meeting with students who have fallen behind in their speech work before meeting with students who are up-to-date with their work.

Students attended French and gym class today.

We are skiing this tomorrow. Students are reminded to dress for the weather and bring lunch, snacks, and/or money for food. Everyone must arrive at the school by 6:45 am at the latest on Wednesday morning. We expect to be back at 4:30 pm.

Our class is responsible for hosting the bake sale next Tuesday, January 30th and Wednesday, January 31st. Please support our fundraising efforts for this event by sending in items to sell at the bake sale. All items must be peanut and nut free.

Remember to return your reregistration packages to secure your spot for the 2018/2019 school year.

Keep collecting pledges and donations for the Jump Rope for Heart Event.

One of our Grade 10 MYP students is collecting food donations as part of her personal project. Please send in non-perishable food items to support this cause.

After care invoices have all been sent out via freshbooks. Payments can be made online and are due January 29th.

Homework and Reminders

·        Math:

o   MMS 6 p. 118 – 121

o   Math tests – review, sign, and return

·        Speeches

o   Get parent feedback for your introduction and conclusion paragraph

o   Use all feedback to write improved paragraphs

o   Bring your speech Duo-tang and device to school

o   Get caught up if you are falling behind with your speech work

·        Bake Sale Items are needed next week Tuesday and Wednesday.

·        Wednesday, January 24th – Ski Trip. Arrive by 6:45 am

·        Monday, January 29th – After-Care Payments due

·        Tuesday, January 30th – Bake Sale hosted by the Grade 6 class

·        Wednesday, January 31st – Casual Day, Bake Sale hosted by the Grade 6 class

·        Monday, February 5th – In-Class Oral Competition to select three finalists

·        Friday, February 9th – Oral Competition

·        Monday, February 12th

o   Trip to Canadian Warplane Museum

o   Last day to return reregistration packages

·        Tuesday, February 13th – Pancake Tuesday

·        Wednesday, February 14th – Spirit Day: Valentine’s Dress up

·        Thursday, February 15th – SJA v TMA Oral Competition

·        Friday, February 16th – PD Day, no school for students

·        Monday, February 19th – Family Day – no school

·        Thursday, February 22nd – Anti-Bullying Day

·        Friday, February 23rd – Skiing Trip

·        Wednesday, February 28th – Casual Day

·        March 5 – March 9: Spirit Week

·        Friday, March 9th – Skiing trip

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