Monday, April 9, 2018

Day 4 – Surface Area of Triangular Prisms

We began our day with math. Today we learned how to find the surface area of triangular prisms. This involves finding the area of both triangular faces using A = (b x h) ÷ 2 and the area of the 3 rectangular faces using A = (l x w1) + (l x w2) + (l x w3) and then finding the sum of these areas. Students did a good job of showing their work by beginning with formulas, substituting values and displaying areas with the correct units. Today’s homework will take a lot paper and time to complete. Students are asked to complete MMS 6 p. 144 – 145. The unit test has been moved to Monday, April 16th.

We continued working on exhibition for the remainder of the day. Today we discussed how to truly collaborate to plan the essay. Each student planning a different paragraph is NOT collaboration. Students who did this had to erase all their ideas and begin again. Ask your child to describe what collaboration looks like. The essay organiser is due tomorrow, Tuesday, April 10th. Students that do not meet deadlines from now on will miss gym class in order to get caught up with their work. If most of the class gets behind, Ms. Carter will join us during gym time to offer additional support to groups needing this.

Our focus for exhibition is still securing the primary source site visit and/or interview. The Discrimination group conducted yet another interview today. The Substance Abuse group received a written response from a primary source to their interview questions. The Climate Change has an interview happening this Wednesday. The Mental Health group have a trip planned for later this week. Another priority remains the action ideas and planning, and to keep researching to answer all concept questions and address all lines of inquiry.

Today the class began brainstorming ideas for their French component. They should think about the ideas that were suggested today and other possible ideas. We will discuss this again on Wednesday. A big decision the class has to make is to decide whether the whole class will use the same idea for the French component, or if each group will have their own idea. We will begin brainstorming ideas for the art component later this week.

The Grade 6s attended gym and French class today.

We will be out for our rock climbing trip tomorrow. Students are asked to come to school dressed in their gym uniform.

Spring fundraiser order forms are due this Thursday.

Please see the message below from the SJA Student Council regarding

Careers Day

The St. Jude's Academy Student Council will be hosting a career day for students on Wednesday, April 11 in the auditorium. The day will be a chance for students to dress up in clothes worn by individuals in their aspiring professions and listen to presentations about different careers. The presentations will be from 10:00am - 11:00am. We are requesting that grade 3 to grade 6 students participate by watching the presentations, and there is the option for grade 2 to join. Students may dress up for the day.

Spring Fundraiser

SPRING FUNDRAISER!!!!! Our annual Spring Fundraiser is fast approaching. This year our Spring Fundraiser will run from Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20. All of the funds raised this year will go towards improving technology for our classrooms. Each day that week, we will host a different activity. For $2 on Monday, students can dress like a ‘Pirate.’ On Tuesday, enjoy a bag of popcorn for $2. Wednesday is Pancake Breakfast. Order 1 pancake for $2 or 3 pancakes for $5. Gluten-free pancakes are also available! 1 gluten-free pancake for $2.50 or 3 for $6.00. On Thursday, enjoy an ice cream sundae for $5. Sundaes include two scoops of vanilla OR chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. Add a banana or apple for $1. To wrap up the week we will be hosting a dance party for $5. Order forms have been sent home and will be due no later than Friday, April 12. For students who collect a minimum of $35, they will get to enjoy bubble soccer. Please use the pledge sheet provided and be sure to turn in on a daily basis! Daily prizes for the most amount of money brought in are; bonus casual days, getting to sit at your teacher’s desk for a day, or shooting Mr. Foster with a Nerf gun. School wide fundraising targets will allow students the opportunity to give Mr. Rozario a makeup lesson or water balloon their teachers. So, get out there SJA, and raise some money!!!!!

Homework and Reminders

Math: Complete and correct all questions on the following pages

·        MMS 7 p. 144 – 145

·        Test on Friday, April 16


·        Essay organiser is due tomorrow – ideas must be generated collaboratively

·        Talk to your parents about possible ways to take action

·        Find resources for your topic including an expert to interview and a site to visit

·        Bring a charged device to school with you daily

·        The first draft of the essay is due this Friday, April 13th

Tuesday, April 10

·        Essay Organiser due

·        Rock climbing trip – wear gym uniform

Wednesday, April 11th – Careers Day – come dressed as your chosen career if you would like

Thursday, April 12thSpring fundraiser order forms are due

Friday, April 13thFirst draft of the essay is due

April 16 – April 20: Spring Fundraiser

·        April 16th – Pirate Day $2.00 (come dress as a pirate for the day)

o   Math unit test

·        April 17th – Popcorn Day $2.00/bag

·        April 18th – Pancake breakfast $2.00-5.00 (info will be in the form)

·        April 19th – Sundae Day $5.00

·        April 20th – Dance Party $5.00

Friday, April 20 – Earth Spirit Day – wear earth colours (blue, brown, green)

Wednesday, May 2 – Caribou math contest for those participating

Friday, May 4 – Grade 6 PYP Exhibition

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