Monday, April 30, 2018

Day 2 – 3 School Days until Exhibition


Students worked on reviewing integer concepts in math today. They completed review pages 197 – 198 in their MMS 7 books. They then worked on a review package. Students who did not complete the review package are bringing these home today. These are to be completed for homework and returned to school tomorrow. The integers unit test will take place on Wednesday, May 2nd.

We continued working on exhibition for the remainder of the day. Students worked on any outstanding components while individual groups again presented their oral presentation and slideshows. Each group has again received feedback for further improvement. All groups have the ‘go ahead’ to begin memorising their cue cards. We will repeat this tomorrow.

Groups who have not yet shot their French videos need to make this a priority, as all videos are needed to create the whole video.

All costumes and props for the black light show are needed at school. We will be testing the black lights at 9 am tomorrow. In fact, all costumes and uniform pieces should now be at school to allow students to rehearse changing too.

Grade 6 students are required to bring items for the refreshment table for both morning and evening sessions. For now everyone is asked to bring in one package of NUT & PEANUT FREE cookies and 2 packages (8 in a package) of juice. Students are asked to start bringing in these items now. Students will also be asked to bring in fruit/cheese/water/crackers. More information about these items will follow later.

Each group should keep working on their ‘Items Needed’ list  where they record all items needed for exhibition day, such as full uniform pieces, French component costumes & props, BLS costumes & props, items for art display, items for visual display, etc.

Students should be working on spelling bee practice in preparation for the contests that will take place soon.


Homework and Reminders


·        Bring in your BLS costume/s and props

·        Bring a charged device to school with you daily

·        Bring in juice (2 x 8) & 1 box/pkg of NUT-FREE cookies

·        Bring in all items on your “Items Needed” list

·        Finalise Action, visual display, French, and BLS components

·        Edit your video if you are done shooting it. Add titles and subtitles. Bring your video to school tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 2

·        Caribou math contest for those participating. Arrive at 7:15 to begin the test at 7:30 am.

·        Integers unit test

·        Dress rehearsal for exhibition

Thursday, May 3 – Dress rehearsal for exhibition

Friday, May 4 – Grade 6 PYP Exhibition

·        Hot lunch payments for May are due

Tuesday, May 8 – Trip to Cedar Glen, 8 am – 4 pm

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