Thursday, April 5, 2018

Day 2 –Student-Led Conferences

We began our day with math. Today we learned how to find the area and perimeter of an irregular figure. We did this in two ways. First we decomposed the figure into smaller figures and then we formed a larger figure. Students are asked to complete MMS 7 p. 133 – 135 if they did not get done in class today.

We then prepared for student-led conferences that are taking place tonight.

We continued working on exhibition for the remainder of the day. Today I met with groups to check their interview questions and check on progress with securing a primary source interview. Most groups need to improve their interview questions. I will be checking on these again tomorrow. Our focus is still securing the primary source site visit and/or interview. Students need to finalise their interview questions and have these approved by teachers, mentors, and/or parents. The discrimination group conducted another interview today and have more interviews scheduled for tomorrow and Monday. The child neglect group has an interview taking place on tomorrow. The deforestation group is making good progress with their action. Another priority remains the action ideas and planning, and to keep researching to answer all concept questions and address all lines of inquiry.

Ms. Hayward will be running a MLA citation workshop with the Grade 6 class on Friday after second lunch. Groups are requested not to schedule mentor meetings, interviews, or site visits during this time. The information Ms. Hayward will present is important as groups will need to use MLA citations in their essays.

The Grade 6s attended gym class today.

Students are reminded to return their rock climbing trip forms. These are due tomorrow.

Students are reminded to be in full uniform tomorrow.

Homework and Reminders

Math: Complete and correct all questions on the following pages

·        MMS 7 p. 133 - 135


·        Talk to your parents about possible ways to take action

·        Find resources for your topic including an expert to interview and a site to visit

·        Bring a charged device to school with you daily

Thursday, April 5 – PYP Student-Led Conferences

Friday, April 6

·        Full uniform required

·        MLA Citation Workshop with Ms. Hayward at 2:20 pm

·        Rock climbing forms are due

Tuesday, April 10 – Rock climbing trip

Friday, April 20 – Earth Spirit Day – wear earth colours (blue, brown, green)

Wednesday, May 2 – Caribou math contest for those participating

Friday, May 4 – Grade 6 PYP Exhibition

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