Wednesday, May 25, 2016

UOI Projects

We started our day with an Arts’ Night Rehearsal. The Grade 6 class is doing a great job of helping run this event. Students worked on their novel studies homework in between performing their tasks.

The class then wrote their math unit test on perimeter, area, and volume.

I conferenced with students about their tale/fable/legend writing. Students have heard what their areas of strength and areas of weakness are in order to make improvements in their next writing attempt. Their ideas have been compiled into a class checklist on how to write a phenomenal fable or legend.  This checklist will be available for them to reference as they write their next fable.

I met individually with students to discuss their UOI projects. Students will be deciding on an issue and project type. They also need to decide on whether they will be working alone or in a group and which grade they would like to present their project to. Students/groups are responsible for speaking to teachers to ask for permission for this project and to arrange a suitable time to present the project.

We had our fourth novel study discussion groups for Bridge to Terabithia. I will be sitting with a different group each day. Students will be assessed based on their participation and responses to the group discussions. Some students received class time to read and respond to chapter 5. Students who did not complete this work in class are asked to finish it up for homework. Students will be participating in a group discussion tomorrow before being assigned the next chapter to read.

Most Grade 6s attended Gym class with Mr. Slyk.

We ended the day with students water ballooning the teachers! The Grade 6s class took too much pleasure in doing this. ;-)

Spelling bee finalists, please keep practicing your spelling bee words and more for the contest against The Maples Academy.

Tomorrow is Track & Field Day. Come to school dressed in your gym uniform. Bring a hat, sunblock, and $2 if you would like to purchase ice cream tomorrow. The three top athletes from each class will be attending a Track & Field meet at The Maples Academy this Friday, May 27. Letters are coming home today for students to get permission to attend the Track & Field meet at The Maples if they are selected.

Remember to bring your MMS & novel studies work to school tomorrow as we aim to get this work done before Track & Field begins.

Look out for Scholastic order forms coming home today.

Check out our summer camp web-page: Here you can find detailed itineraries for the weeks and the registration forms!
Please keep in mind the weekly cost includes lunches, a snack and two field trips! Registration for the first few weeks is filling fast we don't want you to miss your chance!

Homework and Reminders

  • Return Track & Field permission forms
  • MMS: Bring books tomorrow
  • Novel Study: Read and respond to chapter 5. Bring books tomorrow
  • Tomorrow:
    •  Track and Field at SJA
    •  Come to school in your gym uniform
    • Ice cream sale - $2
  • Friday:
    • Bring devices for UOI research.
    • Track and Field: Finalists to The Maples Academy if selected
  • Saturday – Summer Fiesta
  • Monday – Scholastic orders are due
  • June 2 – Arts Night 7 pm – 8 pm
  • June 6 – Spelling Bee with The Maples Academy
  • June 8 – Casual Day & Graduation
  • June 10 – Report Cards, Last day of school

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