Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Risky Situations

We began our day by working on math. We took up yesterday’s homework on the surface area of triangular prisms. We took time to carefully go over a number of questions. Thank you to students who did all the homework yesterday. I know it was a lot of work. Today’s lesson was about sketching polygons. For questions that ask to sketch all possible polygons with certain dimensions, students are encouraged to use a table and work in an organised and systematic way. Students are bringing home grid paper to complete today’s homework.  Students are asked to complete practice work on p. 371 and 372 of the MMS textbook for homework. Grade 6s will be writing a unit test on Wednesday, May 25.

We had our last lesson on working on gaining a better understanding of how to write a good narrative in the form of a fable or legend. The class read more samples of student writing in pairs. They discussed the strengths of each writing piece and the areas the student needs to improve on. They added their ideas in groups of four to chart paper. These ideas will be used to create a checklist to help Grade 6 students write a great narrative as their final writing piece this term. Students will be writing their final assessment piece next week.

We had our first novel study discussion groups for Bridge to Terabithia. I will be sitting with a different group each day. Students will be assessed based on their participation and responses to the group discussions. Students received class time to read and respond to chapter 2. Students who did not complete this work in class are asked to finish it up for homework. Students will be participating in a group discussion tomorrow before being assigned the next chapter to read.

Grade 6s attended Gym class with Mr. Slyk.

We ended the day with UOI time. Today’s time was spent reading about risky scenarios that could happen. Students were asked to identify the risk in each scenario and come up with ways to minimise the risks. Parents, please ask your child what we discussed in class. Please give your suggestions on what you think your child should do in these situations to stay safe.

Spelling bee finalists, please keep practicing your spelling bee words and more for the contest against The Maples Academy.

Check out our summer camp web-page: Here you can find detailed itineraries for the weeks and the registration forms!
Please keep in mind the weekly cost includes lunches, a snack and two field trips! Registration for the first few weeks is filling fast we don't want you to miss your chance!

Homework and Reminders

  • MMS p. 371 - 372, Unit test on Wednesday May 25
  • Novel Study: Read and respond to chapter 2
  • Be sure to have your novel study work at school tomorrow
  • Friday, May 20 – PD Day, No School for students
  • Monday, May 23 – Victoria Day, No school
  • May 24 – Hot Lunch orders due & After-Care Payments due
  • May 25 – MMS Unit Test
  • May 26 Track and Field at SJA
  • May 27 Track and Field: Finalists to The Maples Academy

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