Friday, May 27, 2016

Probability as a Percent

Yesterday we had Track & Field Day. Before we headed out we managed to squeeze in math and novel study.

In math we began a new unit on probability. We discussed the language of probability and how to write the probability of an event with a fraction. Students were assigned problems on pages 410 & 411 in the MMS textbook.

During novel study time, we only had enough time for novel discussions. Students were assigned to read and respond to chapter 6 for homework.

For Track & Field we started off with shot put and then the 100 m dash. We had lunch and headed outside for our remaining events when the thunderstorm began.

Grade 6s used the storm time to work on math, novel study, or their UOI project.

At the end of the day we headed back outside and managed to squeeze in 3 events: 800m, 200m, and the running long jump.

Today we began our day with math. We took up yesterday’s homework and then began a new lesson. We wrote probabilities as fractions, percents, decimals, and words. The Grade 6s are finding the work easy as we covered much of this in the fractions, percents, and decimals unit. Students are to complete practice problems on p. 414 – 415 of the MMS textbook for homework.

We had our sixth novel study discussion groups for Bridge to Terabithia. I will be sitting with a different group each day. Students will be assessed based on their participation and responses to the group discussions. Some students received class time to read and respond to chapter 7. Students who did not complete this work in class are asked to finish it up for homework. Students will be participating in a group discussion on Monday before being assigned the next chapter to read

Students then worked on their UOI projects.

After recess students had their second attempt at writing a tale or legend. They used the class-created checklist and feedback from their first attempt to write an improved piece of writing. Students who were at Track & Field will do this on Monday.

Spelling bee finalists, please keep practicing your spelling bee words and more for the contest against The Maples Academy.

Students had French class with Mme. Villeneuve.

Look out for DRA graphs coming home today.

Arts’ Night presenters should be memorising their lines.

Homework and Reminders

  • MMS: 414 - 415
  • Novel Study: Read and respond to chapter 7.
  • Tomorrow – Summer Fiesta
  • Monday
    • Devices for UOI project
    • Scholastic orders are due
  • June 2 – Arts Night  1p  & 7 pm
  • June 6 – Spelling Bee with The Maples Academy
  • June 6 or 7: Probability unit test
  • June 8 – Casual Day & Graduation
  • June 10 – Report Cards, Last day of school

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