Friday, March 30, 2018

Day 5 – Exhibition: Setting the Parameters

We did not have math today. Therefore, there is no math homework assigned for this weekend. Students participating in the Caribou math contest worked through a past test collaboratively today. They are asked to review more tests over the weekend as a way of preparing for Wednesday’s test. Those participating are asked to arrive at 7:15 am on Wednesday, April 4th. The test will be written in our classroom, Room 8. Students need their devices. They will receive their access codes on this day. They will have 1 hour to write the test starting at 7:30 am.

We continued working on exhibition for the remainder of the day. I again met with each group to check on their progress and understanding of their issue. One group has changed their topic from light pollution to invasive species. Another has broadened theirs from suicide to a more general look at mental health issues. The deforestation group is already planning their first visit with an expert for early next week. The child neglect and mental health groups are using google docs to record their research and share this with each other.

Today we discussed how to set the parameters on each issue by creating conceptual questions about the issue and a central idea. We discussed the criteria for an acceptable central idea. Students worked on this collaboratively. I met with groups throughout the day to discuss and give feedback on their questions and statements. Later in the day we discussed to how write three lines of inquiry and many groups made good progress with these. The final versions of the concept questions, central idea, and lines of inquiry are due by the end of day Tuesday, April 3rd. Students are required to discuss these with their teacher, mentor, and parents before finalising these.

Many groups met with their mentors throughout the day too. At the end of the day, Mr. Oliver joined our class and supported students in their work.

The Grade 6s attended gym and French class today.

April hot lunch orders are due Friday, March 30th. 

Tuesday is Easter Spirit Day. Students are asked to come to school wearing pastel colours.

Look out for a rock climbing trip form coming home today.
Term 2 report cards are coming home today.
Here are some pictures from the last week before the break and this week . Enjoy.

The Air Show

Travelling in Style

Snowy Conditions

Many got their blue sticker and got to go on the chair lift

Taking a Break

Exhibition Brainstorm

Exhibition Brainstorm

Exhibition Brainstorm

Exhibition Brainstorm

Narrowing down the exhibition topics

Narrowing down the exhibition topics

Ms. Chin's Workshop on Research Skills

Ms. Chin's Workshop on Research Skills

Ms. Chin's Workshop on Research Skills

Homework and Reminders

Math:  Caribou math practice for those participating in the contest


·        Talk to your parents about your concept questions, central idea, and lines of inquiry

·        Find resources for your topic including an expert to interview and a site to visit

·        Bring a device to school with you

Friday, March 30

·        Good Friday – No school

·        April hot lunch orders are due

Tuesday, April 3

·        Easter Spirit Day – wear Easter colours

·        Good copy of exhibition concept questions, central idea, and lines of inquiry are due before the end of the day

Wednesday, April 4 – Caribou Math contest for some Grade 6 students at 7:30 am

Thursday, April 5 – PYP Student-Led Conferences

Tuesday, April 10 – Rock climbing trip

Friday, April 20 – Earth Spirit Day – wear earth colours (blue, brown, green)

Wednesday, May 2 – Caribou math contest for those participating

Friday, May 4 – Grade 6 PYP Exhibition

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