Monday, March 26, 2018

Day 2 – Back to School

It was wonderful seeing everyone today. I was envious of students who looked like they spent March Break and in a warm sunny place.

We began our day discussing exhibition journals. It is a requirement that students are reflective throughout the exhibition process, and journaling is an effective way to reflect. The class is expected to complete one journal entry per week. Students decided on the criteria for their journals today.

We then began on a new math unit on measurement, beginning with a preassessment task which everyone said was challenging. We then began working on finding perimeter of regular and irregular polygons. Students are asked to complete practice work on pages 132 – 135 of the MMS 6 practice book.

We continued working on exhibition for the remainder of the day. Next up we reviewed the expectations for exhibition to ensure everyone is fully aware of what they are expected to do. We then looked at the topic brainstorm we worked on before March Break. Students considered each topic and asked themselves: Is this a local issue? Is it worth learning about? Is it age appropriate for my class? Can I take action on this topic? Students then voted to keep or remove topic options. This helped us to whittle down the many ideas students had. Students then had 10 votes on remaining topics and this whittled down the list even further. Students then chose 5 topics that they would be interested in learning about for exhibition. They will learn what their topics, groups, and mentors are tomorrow.

Finally in exhibition, students watched videos and read letters from students who have completed the exhibition at St. Jude’s in previous years. The class discussed what advice they found useful from these. They then worked on their first journal entry where they explained what exhibition is, what they learned from the videos and letters, what they are concerned about and what they are excited about for exhibition.

Students attended French and gym class today.

Tomorrow is picture day for Grade 6 students who are graduating the PYP Programme. Everyone is asked to come to school in full uniform. Sibling pictures will also be taken for those families who are interested in this.

Homework and Reminders

·        Math 6:  Pages 132 - 135

·        Tuesday, March 27 – Sibling & Grad pictures. Come to school in full uniform for graduation pictures.

·        Wednesday, March 28 – Casual Day & Bake Sale

·        Thursday, March 29 – Term 2 report cards go home, Wear blue in support of Autism Awareness Day, Silent Dance for those participating

·        March 30 – Good Friday – No school

·        Tuesday, April 3  - Easter Spirit Day – wear Easter colours

·        Wednesday, April 4 – Caribou Math contest for some Grade 6 students at 7:30 am

·        Thursday, April 5 – PYP Student-Led Conferences

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