Thursday, September 8, 2016

Millions and the Learner Profile

Grade 6s started their second school day enjoying music class with Mr. Andrei.

Back in our room, we started our first math unit on whole numbers. Students were assigned their Math Makes Sense (MMS) textbook for the year. They also heard expectations on how work is to be laid out and numbered. Today we explored the number 1 million and how to correctly write it in standard form. We wrote 1 million as a multiple of 1s, 10s, 100s, 1000s, etc. and discussed the differences between the metric and imperial systems. We also used Base Ten Blocks and calculators to explore 1 million. Students heard the mnemonic King Henry Died a Miserable Death Called Measles to help them with practice questions where they need to show answers in as many different units as possible. Tell your child about the mnemonic you use/d to help you remember the metric system of linear units. Students are bringing MMS textbooks and calculators home today. They are asked to complete all practice questions on p. 34 of the textbook. Calculators and textbooks must be returned to school tomorrow.

To make up for yesterday, the Grade 6s were the first ones out for first recess today. :-)

After lunch the class attended a short French class with Mme. Stella before heading to another house game. Well done to Theta for taking first place and Zeta for being in second place.

We then began our first UOI for the year – How the World Works. We discussed the definition for this theme and the portion of the definition we will be focusing on. Our topic is electricity. Students heard the 3 lines which will focus our inquiry and the concepts that will be highlighted during this unit. They also heard what the final project for this unit will be. Ask your child to tell you about it. Students received a rare homework assignment. For this assignment, students will create a poster and give an oral presentation about a learner profile attribute or attitude of their choice. The assignment outline is coming home with students today. Look for it in the UOI section of their binders. Students will be presenting as follows:

Sept. 12 – Satvik – Inquirer

Sept. 13 – Farah – Reflective

Sept. 14 – Avneet – Independence

Sept. 15 – Christina – Balanced

Sept. 16 – Leah – Risk-taker

Sept. 19 – Husmeen – Tolerance

Sept. 20 – Sai – Knowledgeable

Sept. 21 – Kaaya – Creativity

Sept. 22 – Alffino – Confidence

Sept.23 – Arya – Integrity

Sept. 27 – Sakshi – Caring

Sept. 28 – Jierui – Thinker

Sept. 30 – Areej – Commitment

Oct. 3 – M – Curiosity

Oct. 4 – Akash – Communicator

Oct. 5 – Jacob – Appreciation

Oct. 6 – Ian – Open - Minded

Oct. 12 – Sofia – Enthusiasm

The Grade 6s then worked on a creating a profile of their interests, strengths, and areas of weaknesses to help me better understand their needs as learners. The profile was in a written form and will be used as a preassessment of their writing skills.

The class enjoyed gym with Mr. Slyk.

We ended our work day by discussing our Essential Agreement. Ask your child to explain what an essential agreement is. Students worked in groups to come up with ideas phrased in a positive statement that will help create a learning environment that they will excel in and that we will all agree to abide to.

Great job on working hard, Grade 6s!

Homework & Reminders

·         Math p. 34

·         Devices needed tomorrow to conduct research

·         Read for 30 minutes and record your reading in your log

·         Learner profile assignment – be ready to present on your assigned day

·         Friday: Spirit Day - wear house colours

·         Friday: Hot lunch orders are due

·         Friday: Signed last page of student handbook is due

·         Friday: Reading logs are due

·         Sept 15: Welcome BBQ, 4 – 7 pm

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