Monday, September 12, 2016

Let there be Light!

Day 4

Grade 6s had many specialist classes today. The attended Music, French, and Gym class with their teachers. We began this term’s reading assessment. Three students did not attend specialist classes in order to complete the assessment. We hope to have all assessments done by September 23rd.

In our room, we were treated to Satvik’s presentation on what it means to be an inquirer. We had a good discussion about inquiry. Thank you to Satvik for being a risk-taker by being the first to present. Seeing his presentation has helped everyone better understand what is expected of them.

We looked at the votes on the ideas for our essential agreement, modified the list a bit, and as a class agreed that we like it the way it is and will commit to following it. The class nominated Farah to write it up neatly for us. We look forward to seeing it displayed in our class.

In math we continued working on whole numbers. We took up Friday’s homework. We then began our next lesson on comparing and ordering numbers. We discussed how we can use a place-value chart starting from the largest units to compare numbers. Students were reminded to read questions carefully to determine in ordering is to be greatest to least, or least to greatest. We discusses the ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’ symbols and how to read these correctly. Finally we discussed how you can show how you know one number is greater than another. Students practiced these skills while working with a partner. Most of the class got a good start on the practice work. Students are asked to complete all practice questions on p. 41 & 42 of the MMS textbook.

UOI time was at the end of the day. Students were given a battery, wires, light bulbs, light bulb holders, and switches. They were then asked to arrange these items in order to have 1 light go on, two lights go, have one light on while another is off, and control the light with a switch. Students had to work collaboratively to achieve these challenges. They recorded their work in diagrams. They used what they learned through this investigation to decide if certain set will light up or not. Students read about Thomas Edison and added him to their Electric Timelines.

Homework & Reminders

·         Math p. 41-42

·         Read for 30 minutes and record your reading in your log

·         Learner profile assignment – be ready to present on your assigned day

·         Signed last page of student handbook is past due

·         Wednesday: Welcome BBQ order forms are due

·         Thursday: Welcome BBQ, 4 – 7 pm

·         Friday: Reading logs are due

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