Friday, September 9, 2016

Big Numbers, Galvani, and Volta

What a colourful group of 6s we had today! Well done on showing your house spirit by wearing house colours and cheering for your house during this morning’s house game, Grade 6s. Houses game up with a house song today. Ask your child to sing you their house song. We then enjoyed watching a house game of musical chairs. Well done to Zeta on winning the game, and the Theta and Kappa for coming in second and third respectively.

Back in our room, we continued working on whole numbers. We began by taking up yesterday’s homework. We took extra time on the last question which was tricky. Our next lesson was about understanding big numbers like millions, trillions, and billions. Students practiced showing these numbers in standard form, expanded form, number-word form, and in a place-value chart. Students are asked to complete all practice questions on p. 37 & 38 of the MMS textbook. Calculators may be used for question 2.

Everybody got to go out for first recess today.

After lunch we had a language lesson where we reviewed the four kinds of sentences. Ask your child to name, define, and give an example of each sentence type. We also reviewed paragraph structure. The class then headed to gym with Mr. Slyk.  Once back in class we took up our language work. It was then time to ponder on the ideas generated yesterday for our class’ essential agreement before voting on our choices.  We are getting closer to having an essential agreement.
Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta
During UOI time, students used their devices to research the contributions to our understanding of electricity made by Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta. Students were required to read an informational text and record notes to show their understanding of what was important in their reading. They added these two scientists to an ‘Electric Timeline’ that we will keep working on. Ask your child to describe the work done by these scientists to you. I had hoped that we would have a class debate on a statement that we are more dependent on electricity now than generations before, but everyone in the class agreed with the statement. Students shared their ideas on why they thought the statement was true.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Homework & Reminders

·         Math p. 37 - 38

·         Read for 30 minutes and record your reading in your log

·         Learner profile assignment – be ready to present on your assigned day

·         Signed last page of student handbook is past due

·         Friday: Reading logs are due

·         Sept 15: Welcome BBQ, 4 – 7 pm

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