Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Probability Experiments, Dress Rehearsal, & a Kangaroo!

We started our day with math. Today’s lesson was about conducting experiments. Students found theoretical probabilities and predicted how many times an outcome would occur before conducting experiments that were repeated 100 times. It was a noisy, hands-on math lesson.  Students are asked to complete the practice problems on p. 424 & 425 of the MMS textbook. The unit test for the Probability unit will likely take place on Monday, June 6.  We ran out of time for the measurement retest today. We plan to do it tomorrow.

We met in our novel study groups to discuss chapter 9 of The Bridge to Terabithia. Students were assigned to read and respond to chapter 10 for homework.

We had an Arts’ Night Rehearsal after first lunch. Grade 6s used time between their tasks to work on their UOI project or novel study work or math. Arts’ Night presenters please practice your lines further.

We had a special treat today. We were invited by Ms. Ella from Oakwood to join them in an animal visit from Hands on Exotics. We saw and petted many including a lemur, a bunny, an opossum, a chinchilla, a ball python, and a kangaroo. We had no idea that this would be happening today. Funny story: When I got home this evening my daughter asked, “What did you do today?” I replied, “You would never guess.” She thought of the most outrageous thing she could and said, “You petted a kangaroo.” “Why, actually, yes, I did,” I replied. J  She was very jealous, but now she also thinks she’s a genius.

Remember to come to school in costume OR bring your costume with to change into. The first performance is at 1 pm. The second performance is at 7 pm. Please arrive at 6:30 for the evening performance.

Spelling bee finalists, please keep practicing your spelling bee words and more for the contest against The Maples Academy.

Homework and Reminders

  • MMS: 424 & 425, Measurement retest tomorrow. Probability unit test on Monday, June 6
  • Novel Study: Read and respond to chapter 10.
  • Devices for UOI project
  • June 2 – Arts Night  1pm  & 7 pm (arrive at 6:30 pm) Come in costume or bring it with you to change into once at school
  • June 6 – Spelling Bee with The Maples Academy
  • June 7: Probability unit test
  • June 8 – Casual Day & Graduation
  • June 10 – Report Cards, Last day of school

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